Conceived in Sicily, made in West Michigan!

My mom had a wonderful talent for baking, especially because of her Italian heritage. As a child my most vivid memories are waking on a Saturday morning to the aroma of a kitchen counter filled with Italian Sicilian Cookies. They were baked once, not twice as traditional Sicilian Cookies, thus making them truly “cake like”. The sight was spectacular as each and every biscotto was perfectly frosted and the sheer delight of biting into one was as my father would say “pure heaven!” My mom took me under her wing and taught me her most prized secrets in the baking of these gourmet treats. When I became an adult, married and had children of my own I had the passion to learn more about these wonderful Sicilian Cookies that had become a tradition at our family gatherings and celebrations. I think that you will agree they are the most delicious Sicilian Cookies you will ever taste. You’ll find yourself entranced and satisfied from the very first bite to the last. My mom has since passed away, but I know she would be so proud to know how much enjoyment these Sicilian Cookies have brought to so many people. Enjoy! Read about us in the Grand Rapids Press

Unspeakably Good

Sicilian Cookies have become very popular in this country, but Italians have been enjoying them for ages. Historians trace their origin to little cakes made with honey and nuts that were eaten by Romans on festive occasions. Italians eat cookies for breakfast, as a snack with coffee or milk, after a meal or for special celebrations and occasions. There are different varieties of Sicilian cookies. Some are delicate and some are hearty, but all are delicious and fun to eat. Ours are pure fantasy! All our dough is almond flavored. When baked our cookies are slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Try some!


Cioccolato {Chocolate}

This cookie is made with the correct amount of coco added to the almond-flavored dough.  It is then baked, hand-frosted, and topped with chocolate sprinkles.  The result is a unique Sicilian Cookie.

Cucidati {Italian Fig}

This cookie is stuffed with a fig, date and raisin filling, then hand dipped in frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Lustrato {Glazed}

Hand dipped in frosting this cookie is truly delightful.

Neopolitano {Tri-Colored}

This cookie is stuffed with three different colors of our dough, then hand dipped in frosting which gives it a unique look.

Pianura {Plain}

The simplicity of this cookie makes it a true favorite.

Sesamo {Sesame Seed}

Rolled in sesame seeds this cookie is a traditional favorite.

Spruzzi {Sprinkles}

This cookie is hand dipped in frosting and rainbow sprinkles to give it a festive look.

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